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About me

Hi! I'm Garrick. (@grrrck)

I'm a data scientist from St. Petersburg, FL, where I focus on data visualization, interactive reporting, data structuring and cleaning, and statistical and machine learning. I enjoy building bespoke data tools, like this dashboard. You can find more of the things I like to build on my webpage

I also use data science to support cancer research with GerkeLab at Moffitt Cancer Center in sunny Tampa, FL. I'm lucky to get to use R and RStudio tools on a daily basis to help others learn from patient, genetic and molecular data and to communicate their results through dashboards and interactive reports like this one.

Get in touch with me on Twitter at (@grrrck), online at, or by email at

About this Dashboard

This dashboard was built in R and RStudio with shiny, shinydashboard, rtweet, plotly, the tidyverse, and many more packages.